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What are People Saying About Lotus Bluum?

"For more than a few years I tried traditional therapy. I bought the feel good books and paid a lot of

money. I felt "petted", but was never successful at applying any of it to the situations I was seeking

answers to. Within a short period of time of working with Rebecca I was able to resolve what I'd

struggled with for years. A breakthrough it was. I recommend her to anyone who wants to gain insight

into themselves and the world around them."


Fairhope, AL

"I was speaking with Kristen today and telling her that my digestion hasn't been what it use to be.  I felt bloated whenever I ate or drank anything and was totally uncomfortable after meals. She suggested the Detox Abdominal Massage and I was so pleasantly surprised. It flushed my intestines in about 20 minutes - I had to drive straight home! I must say that I have had several different massages from Kristen now, and her intuition to determine what someone needs is one of my most favorite aspects of her. I have had massages from others and they have in no way compared to Kristen's.  I really believe that the combination of massage technique and intuition makes her stand out from all the others. Thank you Kristen - You are the Best!"

Julie Wagner

Fairhope, AL

"We are yearly visitors to Fairhope from Eugene Oregon.  A number of years ago we discovered Rosie Blu and have been fans ever since.  These lovely women are the real deal.  Nothing but love for you & your shop.  Great products, beautiful unique jewelry, soothing atmosphere.  Looking forward to seeing y'all this summer."

Shelly Ehlers

Eugene, OR

"From the first moment I stepped into Rosie Bluum, I felt drawn to the peaceful & radiant energy waiting to envelop me.   Whether going to a cherished massage appointment with the incredibly talented and intuitive Kristen; or going to an enlightening session with Betsey or just going to absorb the energy while buying a gift, I always enjoy my visits!  Thank you all for the wonderful services you provide, and for bringing such a positive space to Fairhope."

Lori Renner

Fairhope, AL

"Past Life Regression has been an incredibly enlightening and life changing experience for me. It has

allowed me to discover answers to many lingering questions and it has explained a lot of situations I’ve

encountered in this life. Most importantly, I’ve found that it’s a very useful therapeutic tool for

addressing health issues. While under hypnosis, I was able to recognize where specific issues and fears

originated from as I connected them to various past lives. The experience enabled me to fully resolve

those issues, which has provided me with much freedom for living this life. I intend to continue to

explore past life regression as needed. I highly recommend it for anyone who is curious about

exploring their past lives, and especially for those struggling with any type of unresolved issues."

D.W., PhD.

Spanish Fort, AL

"My past life regression with Ellen Rebecca was truly life changing and life affirming. What I learned from that experience has given me insight and guidance for this lifetime. Her quiet, peaceful presence and gentle soothing voice immediately puts you at ease. I wholeheartedly would recommend Ellen Rebecca and this experience to anyone." 

Ellee Green


"I am grateful for what the medical community has labeled as a "frozen shoulder". It was that shoulder that lead me to Fairhope Alabama and into the compassionate hands and heart of Kristen Kelly. Kristen was able to do what physical therapist were unable to do and that was, bring me relief from pain. She used physical massage, aroma therapy, and sound plus her expertise of directing, redirecting energy and releasing stagnant energy to bring relief to this hurting body. If you are searching for a healer, I strongly recommend Kristen."

Rick Pipkin


"I have the pleasure of actually working in the same center with Kristen and I must say she enhances simply the environment with her presence, not to mention the quality of her work.  Getting a 'massage' from Kristen is undefinable.  Every client gets a customized experience and I am no different.  If you meet her you will understand what you might expect on her table.  She glides across the room that you wonder if her feet are touching the floor.  Her massages are the same way- a, slow gliding of hands that just seem to know what to do, where to press deep, where to hold a point , where to stretch and where to release.  I cannot say enough about having Kristen work on your body- the mind and energetic benefits are a bonus!  She uses aromatherapy AND crystals if you choose and I highly recommend it.  I loved having Frankincense added to the de-stress oil. It left me feeling calm and peacefully energized. Thanks Kristen! You Rock!!"

Betsey Grady

Fairhope, AL

"Hi Betsey ~ the services you have provided through the Akashic records has been comforting, affirming, creative, fun, loving, and anything associated with the word "positive".  At times, when I needed clarity, it was provided so easily. Your ability to read the Records, and share insight, is remarkable. I love the openness and truthfulness of each and every reading."

Pam H.

Birmingham, AL

"My past life regression with Ellen Rebecca was truly life changing and life affirming. What I learned

from that experience has given me insight and guidance for this lifetime. Her quiet, peaceful presence

and gentle, soothing voice immediately puts you at ease. I wholeheartedly would recommend Ellen

Rebecca and this experience to anyone."

Lee Green, M.S. Clinical Counseling, RN

Bay Minette, AL

"I have had Reiki sessions with Kristen on a couple occasions and it has enhanced my life drastically. I can feel her energy over me and passing through me and I feel such a state of bliss after each session.  Today I had a Craniosacral session with her and it was equally amazing in a different way... I carry tension in my neck and I left the room feeling like a million dollars :) she also personalized my session to help with the digestive issues I have been having lately.  I can't say enough about how much she has helped me and I will continue to use her services, because we only get one body and people like Kristen help us take care of it.  Truly blessed to have her in my life."

Kayci Tapia

"I've been receiving massage for 40 years. I've always tried to find the best through references, and word of mouth. I've had people who have work with me years at a time. I've had massage at high end spas. I've had massage at high end resorts, and top casinos (i.e. The Bilagio, The Wyn). I came across Kristin Kelly right after I moved to Fairhope. I had tremendous back pain, and didn't know anybody. I found her in the phone book. I was desperate. 

As it turns out; she is the best I have found in 40 years. Her knowledge, and techniques are the best I have come across in my life. She also has a very soothing disposition, and creates an environment that cause me to start unwinding when she says hello. 

She can do it all, and has exemplary knowledge of the human body. She gets to the root of my issues always (which is never where I think it is).

I've had male and female masseuses. She is head and shoulders above the rest in her holistic approach. 
I've brought friends to her who also agree. 

I cannot recommend her strongly enough. 

I wish I had found her years ago."

Robert O'Toole​

"Kristen is the massage therapist I’ve chosen to stick with after trying out several therapists in the Fairhope area. She has an ability to read my muscles and adapt a massage to what my body needs most at that time. She has taken time to get to know me and any issues I want her to address during a session. She asks me if the pressure is appropriate whenever she does something new or harder. She is attentive and responsive if I tell her I’m cold or need the music changed or have any other request. She’s quiet if I am quiet; she chats if I start chatting. I love that she is client focused and responds to me differently than she does my husband, who also sees her regularly. He likes to chat, and she talks to him unless he becomes quiet. Kristen has a gentle spirit and is a genuinely kind person. She exudes calmness, peacefulness, and empathy. She creates a nurturing and healing experience right from the beginning by unconsciously projecting a sense of empathy, caring and support. She loves what she does and is happy to be there, and it shows. My massage experience begins with a big exhale of relaxation that comes just from the conversation where she asks me how I’m doing today. I know she’s going to listen and incorporate any concerns I have into our session. Areas of pain I’ve had for many years are not only being reduced, but corrected. I’ve never experienced this level of improvement before. I also like that she incorporates aromatherapy into our sessions. Kristen is also committed to continuing education and training. I love it when she has a new technique to try on me. The only negative I can even add to this review is the potential for noise from the surrounding store(s) and events in town. She can’t control that noise if/when it happens, but it does sometimes intrude on the experience for me. She always turns up the music when I ask. I recommend Kristen wholeheartedly as a massage therapist."

Lisa Holladay

Fairhope, AL

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I started going to Kristen at Lotus Bluum for craniosacral therapy because I had severe brain fog and lack of energy as the result of a medication I received during cancer treatment.  I have had multiple sessions with Kristen over the past 6 months and I am seeing a significant improvement in both my mental clarity and my energy level.  For the first time in a couple of years, I feel like I can get my quality of life back again.  I highly recommend craniosacral therapy for anyone suffering from brain fog and low energy.  The atmosphere Kristen has created is very calming and when I walk out the door after a session, my mood is completely changed.  I feel relaxed and my anxiety is lifted.  I look forward to continuing these craniosacral therapy sessions with Kristen."    Paul F.

                                                                                                                                                                                Fairhope, AL

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