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The Story of The Lotus Bluum

~ formerly Rosie Bluum

When our founder, Betsey Grady, moved to Fairhope, Alabama from San Francisco, California, it didn't take long for her to realize that there were no shops offering items that supported the meditative lifestyle to which she was accustomed.  So, as fate would have it, she decided to open a small retail store, Rosie Blu, on Fairhope Avenue in the early winter of 2007.  Rosie Blu became a destination store for everything for the free spirit, for the joy in life, for peace of mind and our clientele steadily grew despite the economic hardships the Gulf Coast encountered over those next few years. 

Having fulfilled her lifestyle needs through the shop, Betsey soon wanted to include in her routine group meditations similar to those she attended in San Francisco.  Again, fate stepped in and Betsey gathered up her courage and decided to not only create, but lead, a group meditation in Fairhope. The reception for group meditation was immediate!  Too quickly, the group outgrew the space she had inside Rosie Blu, so she began to seek out other locations that would hold more people. This, of course, led to the opening of the current Rosie Bluum, now The Lotus Bluum, a Center for Wellness, on Bancroft Street in downtown Fairhope.


Of course, it didn't make sense to have two locations, so Rosie Blu has since been merged into Rosie Bluum and we have added new classes and services as well.  You will find many wonderful things to aid you in your meditation, exploration, and healing journeys in our center.  We look forward to meeting you and know that you will find peace inside our doors. 

Welcome to The Lotus Bluum, where your path to peace lies within...

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