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Here at The Lotus Bluum, ancient therapies and tradition are the basis of the services we offer.  Centuries of tradition and learning, tools used by leaders, masters, and teachers, have been distilled into our healing services, available right here on the Eastern Shore.


As the only Center for Awakening and Healing in the heart of Baldwin County, we are delighted to share Alternative and Holistic approaches to healing and nurturing the body, mind and spirit through a variety of methods whose roots lie deep within varied cultures and  spiritual practices.  

Please join us at our location in Fairhope, Alabama and expand your personal awareness and knowledge by experiencing any or all of the techniques listed in our Services; or simply soak up the atmosphere and restore your spirit in a place dedicated to tranquility.

Featured Services

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Sensory Massage with Vibrational Restoration

60 Minutes of Massage using Aromatherapy of your choice to target physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs, followed by 20 minutes of Vibrational Restoration using Gemstones, Crystals, Singing Bowls, Tingshas, and Quartz Crystal Pyramids. 80 minutes for $99

Prices:  80 minutes for $99
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Targeted Regression

If you find that you are in a pattern of any kind - emotional, physical, relationship, etc. - a Targeted Regression can help you find the origination of that particular issue and, more importantly, allow you to release the unwanted emotional energy associated with that pattern.  Targeted Regression is a gentle process that looks to the past for answers and lasts about 2 hours.  It gets to the heart of an issue and allows one to make important changes and the shift can be felt in the days, weeks, or months to follow. Quite often the shift is felt right away.

Price:  2 hours:  $150
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Crystal Healing Massage

A vital and primary tool for well-being and a perfect place to start on your wellness program.  Massage opens you up to caring for your Self and your Body and  allows for greater intimacy and confidence within the self.  With a crystal healing massage, we incorporate the vibrations and healing energy of crystals into your wellness massage to reach and even deeper state of tranquility.  Let your own body's vibrations tune in to the crystals and gems for peace to occur on all levels.

Prices:  60 mins is $75, 90 mins is $110
Chinese Craniosacral Therapy

Bring Calm to your Mind, and Feel Balance, with your feet firmly on the Earth. Chinese Craniosacral Therapy is a non-confrontational, safe and indirect approach to the body’s physical and psychological imbalances. We use a subtle blend of Chinese Acupressureand meridian therapy. Together we get a self-regulated and self -regulating system of energy medicine. The body is guided and taught to harness its own bio-electric immune system or “Inner Intelligence”. By working on the mind and para – and sympathetic nervous systems first, we turn inflammation and blockagesaround and lay the groundwork for further release. Essential oils may also be used.

This therapy can be used for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Emotional Imbalances,  Chronic Back Pain, Cervical Pain, PTSD, Sinusitis, Hyperactivity, Tinnitus, and Arthritis.

Price:  60-90 mins $1/minute
Natural Medicine

Personalized Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is a natural healing system that strives to balance the body, mind and spirit.

It is a total system of life skills to promote good health. 

Ayurvedic massages are deeply relaxing. The treatments bring nourishment to tissues, cells and entire body systems. Each individually planned massage is a true healing therapy. Cindi uses only hand crafted organic oils.

I offer Abhya (full body with herbal oil for your constitution) and Shirodhara (scalp massage with a stream of oil poured onto the forehead ).

 All treatments calm the nervous system, help to reduce stress and relieve body aches. 

These treatments are most luxurious. Indulge yourself....

Price:  - 90 minute session  $125


"Ellen’s past life regressions are wonderful. Before I knew it I was in a different world.  It was so easy and seemingly automatic. No effort involved at all. And even though the session took hours, I wish it would have lasted so much longer!"   - Bernd Licht, Mobile, AL


I scheduled a Craniosacral Therapy session with Kristen that also addressed my Chakras. Words can't describe how I felt during and as I type a few days later. She used various techniques based on what she knew my body, mind, and spirit needed. She is a truly gifted, intuitive healer."  ~ Diane Light Waight

"I have had many Akashic Readings with Betsey, and every single one has been enlightening and helpful. I get so much clarity and understanding around things that are happening in my life. I can ask questions about guidance and next steps on my life path, relationships, work, money, family and get answers/replies that always more me more understanding. My guides (and Betsey) have never been wrong about anything that was really important to me...even when I didn't like the answer. When I would follow the advice given by the guides (even if I didn't like the advice) things would ALWAYS shift for the better. Not knowing the why around so many things created anxiety for me, so finding out more about situations in my life helped me to find more peace and calm in very tough times. Sometimes it's just one sentence in an hour reading that changes my entire perspective and sets me on a new more positive path at that point in my life. I will continue to use Betsey's guidance into the future."  ~ Brooke N. Atlanta, GA


"A massage for the soul, de-stresser, recharge for the week. These are just a few of the descriptions I could use to describe the Reiki sessions I've had with Kristen. For me, these Reiki sessions, have not only been deeply therapeutic but deeply spiritual as well. I've experienced more emotional and spiritual healing and growth in the past month than in the past twenty years. I cannot say enough good and wonderful things about the beautiful work Kristen does at Rosie Bluum. It's been a fantastically awesome experience."  -Randy W.

"My past life regression was a truly unique, fun, and fascinating experience that I will never forget!  Through therapeutic conversations before and after, I was able to gain insight and self-awareness that helped me to let go of negative emotions and break some bad habits."  - S.M., M.S. Psychology, Baldwin County, AL


"I had never had any type of reading before I met Betsey. I've since had several MARI sessions and Akashic readings and I love them! I didn't know what to expect but they both help me dive deep into my thoughts in a very therapeutic way. MARI is like art therapy to me... it was a playful experience yet deeply meaningful.  Akashic sessions feel more like I'm having a dynamic conversation with a lifelong friend. I feel safe and supported to inquire about the path I am on and then receive guidance regarding what's to come. Both are extremely constructive and affirming, and when I leave the sessions I feel refreshed and clear-headed with a renewed perspective." ~ Meredith M. Fairhope, AL